Friday, April 20, 2018


I haven't created a scrapbook page in ages but I do love making imaginative pages with my grand-nephew. Once you cut out the image you must then imagine a background that supports the photo, the more creative the better. 
 ( You can see all the pages I've made under the tab above
marked Peirson's grand adventures if you want. )

So my method may be a little different:
 I outlined all my stencils with a waterproof pen and then either painted them in with the inks/mediums or sewed over the outlines and then cut them out and then adhered them to the page. 

Since I knew that gel medium would act as a resist I painted in all the words and (stamped) clouds so that they would stay white and then sprayed the page with the inks.

I used the embossing powder for the bird and colored her in with the spray inks much like you would do with watercolors.

Using the same method for the leaves and the branch I painted them on a separate piece of watercolor paper which I cut out after sewing an outline around them. I also added some extra leaves and glued them on top of the original set from the stencil design.

Thank you for visiting and good luck!


May 2014 - The Birds and Bees  by Terri Stegmiller *(Joining StencilClub means you have access to the coolest stencils around. Stencils that aren't sold anywhere else except to club members.)

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Saturday, April 7, 2018


Image may contain: text
The collaboration
First we were partnered up with a team member and each person in the group began a piece. (That could be laying down a base coat of color, sketching a design, prepping the surface, or anything else we agreed upon in our discussions with our partner.) Next, each person swapped their prepped pieces with the other member(s) of their group. Finally, each person finished the prepped piece that was mailed to them. Each person is now posting the piece they finished to their respective websites.

The partner
My partner was Heather Thompson who created a lovely monochromatic textured background for me to work with. Having an all white background really allowed the colors to leap off the canvas! I loved all the molding and crackle paste that she used, it was exactly what I wanted!

I attached the bird ( which I just LOVE ) to the top of the frame and it really creates a 3-D effect to my art. I guess I could have trimmed down his feet but I just adore the oversized feet on him, lol They're kinda goofy in the most adorable sense!
( I colored tissue paper with spray inks and glued them onto the bird )

 I drilled holes through the wood frame and the bird came with wires attached to him so I threaded the wires through the holes and tied them off.
( Heather stamped the eyes on the back of the canvas, it's like she just knew I was going to putting the bird there. I thought that was so cute!! )

The heart and flame come as 2 seperate parts so I glued them together and covered the area with some pearls to hide the seam. The flame was painted with acrylic paint 

The heart is covered with red tissue paper which I stamped on first and then glued it on. The wings are also painted and attached with glue to the canvas.

I just love the little banner that I stamped the Namaste word on and I popped it up for dimension.
Helmar Liquid Scrap Dots
Washi tape is the easiest way to add lots of fun without doing much work! I think it really finished off the piece.
Small Starry Nights Washi tape

Friday, April 6, 2018

Some bunny loves you!

 You know what stinks? Having your card returned to you for insufficient postage which means it didn't get there in time, 😞 I knew better, but carelessly put the wrong stamp on the envelope. Meanwhile, to make this less of a downer, watch the very short video of what I put inside the envelope which prompted the necessity for extra postage. Hope you laugh along with me!

well, sorry the video won't show up but you can go here to see it.

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And if you are feeling particularly generous and just want to make my day then you could go leave me a comment over on the StencilGirl blog because I posted this dreamcatcher art journal page over there. Comments sure are nice here on my blog but it makes me smile to get comments over on a manufacturers page, lol Insecurity strikes us all doesn't it?

Friday, March 30, 2018

With all my heart

So Chartpak held a contest to try out their new mixed media paper and this is my entry, titled With all my heart, using some Rubbermoon stamps, StencilGirl stencil and DecoArt paints.

Even if I don't win I know I want to buy their journal mainly due to the "in and out" page feature. I mean, I love that idea. You can remove the papers and then place them back in, something I can get a lot of use out of since I have to remove the paper when I have them printed.

You can go here to see the entries, some are just fabulous and there are a couple which don't look like they used the paper that was sent to them, but maybe I am wrong. lol I'll be curious to see who wins.

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Friday, March 23, 2018

Seashell mermaid

Have you ever played with Grafix Shrink film? If not, you should try it, cause it's lots of fun and easy to do. So easy that you can take it with you to the beach to play with on those afternoons when the rain storms roll in across the ocean.

I had some awesome Rubbermoon stamps gifted to me recently and they were so easy to stamp on the sheets using my Stazon ink. Grafix sent me some of their new gold and silver metallic shrink film to play with. I love how shiny the colors are, my photos don't do them justice.

Next, just color them in, and I used my PITT pens, look how bright and pretty they are!

Next, you cut them out and make sure to punch holes in them if they are going to be a charms but they are also great for adhering to cards, and mixed media projects! 

My friend Bridgette found this little shell on the beach with the perfect hole at the top to hang the little mermaid charm from that I drew and shrank. I poured some DecoArt Glamour Dust into the shell and let it sit overnight to dry. Kristen has such an eye for things I never would have thought of, like using some broken shells as wings...omg, I loved that idea! I'll never look at a broken shell the same way again!
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View from our room.

Some of those rain clouds I was talking about, although it never did rain, it was just overcast and windy...very windy!

I don't know if you can see him but there is a small alligator tucked into those reeds. 

We had a spur of the moment mani-pedi day after brunch on Sunday. 

All smiles!

My niece who lives at the beach brought her little man up to visit his old grand aunt for the day.

Great trip: wonderful friends and family combined with some fun art,
life was fine this past week!

Friday, March 16, 2018

Etching, the problem solver

Potluck dinners, a sick or bereaving friend or church functions, those are the occasions where I bring a casserole or dessert, and then begins the fretting of getting my dish back. 
Yes, I fret.
After all, there is no such thing as Dish Karma.
 If you lose one, another doesn’t show up as a random act of dish replacement. 
The Land of Lost Pyrex is right down the street from The Land of Single Socks.

The best and easiest way to get your dish back is to etch your name a design on it.
Permanently into the glass.
Shattered Stencil designed by Lizzie Mayne
 I didn't want to etch my name into it because one day, someone might inherit my dish whether through a garage sale or through a hand me down moment so I thought I'd etch a design into the dish instead so it's more "user" friendly down the road. But you can do your name if you so desire.
The little dots are actually from the paper that I placed under the dish to get some contrast.

After etching, it's safe to wash in the dishwasher and safe to put in the oven
as long as the bakeware is intended for oven-use. 
And do etch on the outside area of any dish, just in case..
ya know what I mean.

I am sure you've gotten quite a few etching instructions along the way on the hop 
so I'll just mention a couple of things I learned along the way:

1. A painted stencil did not effect the etching at all, so you don't have to start off with a new stencil. This is a picture after the etching paste had been scraped off before washing the remainder of the paste off in the sink. And an extra tip, the spray nozzle did great for removing the paste in between small areas of the stencil design.

2. Areas on your casserole dish that have a raised area (like the name of the dish, size of the dish, etc.) won't etch quite as well because the stencil itself cannot lay flat,
 but overall I think it turned out very well.
The little dots are actually from the paper that I placed under the dish to get some contrast.

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the things I do for my design team...sigh

Friday, March 9, 2018


There is a difference between giving up and knowing when you have had enough.

Well, another attempting to draw 29 faces and although I still didn't make it I did get further along than normal, so I guess that's a good thing. My problem is that I get bored drawing the same subject. However, I did learn to use my IPad a little bit so that's a big plus.

23 out of 29 faces completed
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Happy Birthday to PPF, wow 7 years?!!
Time does fly when you're having fun!